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  • What sorts of events are the tap trailer and photo booth good for?
    Just about anything! This includes: weddings, corporate events, tailgating at the Broncos or Rockies games, block parties, bar/bat mitzfahs, birthdays, or any kind of party really. Don't forget both can be used for marketing purposes, at trade shows, red carpet events, or for fundraising.
  • How much does it cost to rent the tap trailer or photobooth?
    See the packages page for more information
  • What is included in the tap trailer rental?
    We'll bring it to your event, set it up, and show you how to use it. Then when your event is done, we'll pick it up. Easy peasy.
  • Can the tap trailer be serve something other than beer?
    We can hook up any type of beer for your event, including your home brew. We can also pour wine, mixed drinks, prosecco, sodas, straight vodka, cold water, iced coffee, or just about any type of liquid you want so long as it's not too pulpy (e.g. screwdriver with heavy pulp orange juice.)
  • How big is the tap trailer?
    12' long (with tongue), 7' wide (with wheel wells), and 7' high
  • What can you show on the TV?
    Anything! Stream movies from your cell phone, or rent a Dish TV from us so you can watch the football game. Or, send us a bunch of pictures before you event, and we'll scroll through them for the duration of the event.
  • Can you source the alcohol for our event?
    Colorado law prohibits us from providing the alcohol to your private event. However, we work with several distributors and breweries who would be happy to provide the drinks.
  • Are you insured?
  • What are the power requirements for the tap trailer?
    The tap trailer can be used with a standard 110v outlet. It has to be the only thing plugged into the outlet. Do not use power strips, as this may overload the circuit breaker.
  • Can the trailer run on a generator?
    Yes! We have a 3.5 kW generator that can be rented for a small fee.
  • What is your service area?
    We can deliver the trailer to anywhere in CO, but anything over 50 miles from Parker, Colorado, will incur a mileage surcharge.
  • When do you recommend showing up for an event?
    We recommend that we set up the trailer at least 1 (and preferably 2) hours before your event. This will allow the beer to cool and settle, resulting in much better pours!
  • Can the photo booth be placed outdoors?
    It totally can, but we probably won't have use of the white background. The pictures will turn out just a awesome.
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    Science proves that Apollo is the best dog ever. (The primary data for this conclusion comes from Apollo's dad, who is an unbiased source of information.)
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