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Tap Trailer


It's the best dang tap trailer in Denver.

Keep It Cool

Our tap trailers will keep your beverages just above freezing, so you never have to worry about messing around with ice with all your drinks.




Pour It On

Our CO2 allows us to pour almost anything, so long as its in a keg. Give kids the option of soda. We can even provide Nitrogen for certain beers like stouts or nitro cold brew coffee!  With 6 taps, that's a lot of options.




Hook It Up

How many tap trailers have a 4K TV for you can stream videos, or scroll through pictures, or even watch your favorite sports team? Do you have any promotional videos you'd like to showcase? Use our screen to view pictures from our optional photo booth at your event. You can plug directly into the TV using an HDMI cable, or cast from your cell phone! 

Indoor or Outdoor

The tap trailer was purposefully built to have a small footprint. It can be run outdoors or indoors, and can even fit through most standard height garage doors.

Use our trailer to store flowers, bottled water, ice, or anything else that needs to keep cool at your event. We're ready for almost anything.

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